The reputation economy opens up a world of opportunity in businesses related to creating, preserving, enhancing, and even repairing digital personas. You just have to be innovative enough to see it and smart enough to take advantage of the opportunity.

One of the most powerful features of social media for both you and business is “social proof.” Social proof is the increasing tendency to have your worth as a professional online. LinkedIn, Google search and Social Media.

You can say you or your company is the best, but when people on social media to say you’re the best, you have social proof!

                       “YOU ARE…WHO GOOGLE SAYS YOU ARE.”

Maarten Schafer - keynote speaker - author - CoolBrandsPeople
Maarten Schafer – keynote speaker – author – CoolBrandsPeople

– We live in a ‘reputation economy’ where Google has become the new background check.
– A carefully crafted online profile increases your competitive advantage.
– Achievements are table stakes. Differentiation is largely based on what you have done beyond the facts in the CV.

Create and publish content about your vision, your contributions to society, and the articulation of what you stand for.
Take the exceptional things you’ve done and create your story in a cohesive, compelling format that clients, partners and investors look for.

Maarten Schäfer - Keynote speaker - Author - Inspirational speaker - CoolBrands
Maarten Schäfer – Keynote speaker – Author 

Maarten Schäfer
Keynote speaker – Author

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